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About Us

What makes Novis Health Scottsdale one of the premiere functional medicine clinics in the state?

You deserve a health team that listens to your questions and spends time getting to the root of your health issues. Personal healthcare – that’s what makes functional medicine one of the most popular forms of healthcare in Arizona and beyond.

Work with a health team that knows you inside and out.

At Novis Health Scottsdale, we believe in the power of data. Gathering that data begins with you. During our initial assessments, we spend time listening to your history and questions, and then detailed lab tests provide a deeper understanding of how your body works. Five years later, we’ll still be listening and adjusting our tactics as your overall health evolves.

True Health Includes All Areas of Life!

As functional medicine practitioners, the Novis Health team believes a healthy life is about more than just physical health. Modern medicine has become too specialized. One doctor focuses on the heart while another focuses on the stomach, and the two don’t talk. 

But you’re so much more than a list of isolated organs!

Our goal is to have you thriving in four key areas of life: positive psychology, nutrition and fitness, social and spiritual connections, and mindfulness.

Functional medicine takes a holistic view of your health and embraces the complexity of the human body to achieve peak wellness.

Targeted Nutrition

Nutrition supports overall health for a number of reasons. First, food is the fuel your body needs to run throughout the day. Second, hidden allergies may be causing inflammation and discomfort. Lastly, nutrition plays a large role in balancing your gut – the second brain.
Want to discover the root cause of your chronic conditions? Start with nutrition. Let’s begin your health journey with one of our trained health coaches.

Advanced Health Technology

Novis Health Scottsdale is always on the forefront of technology. After deep research and testing, we recommend the best tools and techs to keep you at peak performance.

All of our technologies are safe and approved for general use, so you never have to worry whether our treatments will cause damaging side effects.

One-on-One Coaching

Your typical doctor isn’t going to check in with you regularly about your health goals. They’re too busy!

It’s time to rethink healthcare, and a better solution is one-on-one health coaching. At Novis Health Scottsdale, you’ll be paired with a certified coach who will walk with you every step of your health journey. They will coordinate your care from mindfulness practices to exercise regimens.

Your health will improve drastically with the supervision of a health coach who knows you personally.

Community Support

Novis Health Scottsdale is home to many community wellness programs where you can meet people with similar health goals. Jump into weekly group sessions, activities, and bi-monthly mindfulness classes. 

Experience the motivating power of connection!


FAQs About Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Yes, our treatments are often followed in conjunction with another doctor’s expertise. We can share clear updates and progress reports regarding your Novis Health journey.

Your treatment plan is built specifically for you, so what’s included depends upon your lab work, assessment, and personal goals. However, every plan will pair you with a functional medicine consultant and a personal health coach. The plan also includes regular check-ins and follow-up lab work to track your progress.

Treatment plans offered through an affordable monthly membership. Each component of your health is addressed in “sprints” and retested for progress or correction every 90 days.

Targeted nutrition means creating a diet and supplement regimen that works for your unique body. Our health team will evaluate your lab tests, health history, and wellness goals to determine the exact vitamins, minerals, and botanicals necessary to meet your needs. As time goes on, we will reevaluate your nutrition plan since your body is constantly changing.

Red light therapy exposes the body to low levels of red or near infrared light to spur skin and muscle tissue healing and regeneration. It may also help increase energy levels and improve cognitive function.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy produces electromagnetic fields with various waveforms and frequencies to stimulate muscles and increase local blood circulation. People who try PEMP often experience accelerated healing, improved sleep quality, and reduced pain and blood pressure.