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Advanced Health Technology

Reach your health goals faster with cutting-edge health tech.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF)

It may sound like science fiction, but PEMF is simply science. All of your cells operate at a specific frequency, and there are healthy and unhealthy frequencies. 

The core PEMF technology uses magnetic pulses to shift your body’s frequencies. As your cells fall into a healthy range, they activate the body’s healing properties.

During a PEMF session, one of our team members will place small pads onto your body, and the low-frequency electrical waves will flow through you. Our members do not report feeling any pain during PEMF.

During your health sessions, your coach may notice specific parts of your body are dysregulated. They may recommend PEMF therapy for these areas. The goal is to stimulate and strengthen cells around the application area to heal the cells and support overall health and wellness. 

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Red Light Therapy

If anti-aging is part of your health goals, then you should try red light therapy. It’s a proven method to reduce wrinkles and add vitality to the skin.

Many people compare red light therapy to a sun tanning booth for your face – except it’s safe and non-invasive.

During a session, your skin will absorb low-level wavelengths that stimulate the cells. Specifically, your body will produce more collagen and elastin to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.

We also offer Infrared saunas and halotherapy services.

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More Advanced Technology Services

Depending on your individual care needs, ask one of our health team members about our other services.


Far infrared sauna

Modern life is full of toxins and poisons. Far infrared saunas will trigger your body’s detoxification responses so that you can cleanse your system, improve circulation, and relax your muscles. 

Like a warm day at the beach, you’ll end the sauna feeling invigorated and refreshed.


Targeted Nutraceutical Supplementation

Sometimes it’s hard to receive the right vitamins and nutrients through food alone. If this is the case, your health coach will recommend targeted nutraceutical supplementation. 

Take these supplements as recommended, and you’ll start feeling more energetic and alert during the day. 


Halo Therpy

At Novis Health we offer Halotherapy, or salt therapy, which is a treatment that involves breathing salt-infused air. 

Salt therapy has been shown to improve respiratory conditions, like asthma, chronic bronchitis, and allergies. Salt therapy can also help to improve skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.


Continuous Glucose Monitoring

If you visit Novis Health in Denver, Colorado, for diabetes treatment, we may recommend continuous glucose monitoring. Using a device attached to the arm or belly, you and your health coach will be able to monitor your blood sugar levels throughout the day. 

These glucose monitors are much more convenient than finger pricks!

Personalized Wellness is Within Your Reach

You don’t have to settle for 15-minute doctor appointments and a shotgun approach to pharmaceuticals. Begin the process toward true healing with holistic functional medicine. 

Your Novis Health coach will recommend a custom combination of targeted nutrition, lifestyle changes, and advanced technology to restore your body to optimal health. At Novis Health, you’ll receive the personalized healthcare you deserve.

Functional Medicine

Building on your character strengths helps you create purpose and meaning, moving beyond surviving to thriving in all areas of life.

One-on-One Health Coaching

As your dedicated guide, your certified health coach keeps you fully engaged and accountable on your wellness journey.

 Advanced Technology

Accelerate your wellness journey with cutting-edge technology designed to promote healing from the inside out.