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Corporate Health

Retain your top talent by showing them you care about their health.

Helping employees prevent medical crises is good for everyone. Lose fewer hours to sick days each year and improve employee satisfaction as everyone comes to work healthier and with more energy.

One-on-one and collaborative Health Coaching

Just because an employee has health benefits doesn’t mean they know how to make the most of them. 

Corporate health coaching can fill that education gap. Depending on your needs, Novis Health can provide group or individual coaching sessions that lay out a clear path toward wellness. We work with your employees to determine what they want out of their health plan and touch on each area of health from healthy eating habits to the benefits of exercise.

Corporate Health Tracking

Track employee health in order to provide fun wellness incentives. Through mobile apps and online portals, Novis Health can keep track on how well people are sticking to their health goals. Our systems respect personal privacy, so your corporate health initiatives never seem overbearing or far-reaching. Reach out to our practice to learn more!

Team Building

Your business has its own culture and personality. Novis Health is here to support that culture through team health initiatives. Bring one of our health coaches into the office for regular team building events.

At Novis Health, we offer weekly group sessions and activities to give employees an outlet for physical activity while building friendships with coworkers. We also facilitate bi-monthly mindfulness classes where employees can learn how to reduce stress through meditation, visualization, and other healthy practices.

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