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How We Help

We spend time listening to our members who have hit roadblocks in their health journeys, and we set them on a long-term path to healing.

Novis Health Scottsdale prioritizes you and your health story. We don’t bring any assumptions to the table – instead, we gather data by testing and listening. Through professional health coaching and advanced healing technology, we support your health through Chronic Disease Treatment, Lifestyle Improvement, and Athletic Performance.

Chronic Conditions

We know the many people move to Scottsdale to escape harsh winters and weather. But while you can escape the cold, you can’t easily escape chronic disease. From constant aching to diabetes, our members want true relief.

At Novis Health Scottsdale, we get to the root cause of your chronic conditions and help you find real healing. Managing symptoms 24/7 is no way to live. You deserve a doctor who cares about uncovering the real cause of your pain. We achieve this through lab testing, diet, exercise, and advanced technologies.

Lifestyle Improvement

Living a healthy lifestyle in Scottsdale can be a challenge – long commutes and summers spent indoors can lead to sedentary habits. But Novis Health is up for the challenge! 

Our health coaches provide expert health advice and personal accountability for you to gain control of your health. We have you covered whether you’re seeking to prevent disease or improve your fitness levels. 

At Novis Health Scottsdale, our functional medicine approach embraces a holistic view of the body: mind, body, and emotions. We pair mindfulness with proper diet and exercise recommendations to help you reach your health goals.

Athletic Performance

Scottsdale is home to many different kinds of athletes. Some people enjoy rock climbing while others want to lower their golf score. No matter your athletic, passion Novis Health Scottsdale can help you reach the next level. 

A health coach is more than just a workout trainer. Our team is here to guide you through every aspect of athletic performance. We begin with a nutrition plan that will provide your body the fuel it needs to succeed. Then we lead you through mindfulness practices used by top-level pros while also boosting recovery time with advanced technology. Novis Health has worked with some of the top athletes in the world, and we can help you reach your full potential, too.


Corporate Health

Own a business or work as an HR professional in Scottsdale? We want to talk to you about hosting corporate health events. 

Partner with Novis Health to help employees live and work with health goals in mind. Our workshops can be implemented in the workplace, and we also offer individualized health coaching, employee health tracking, and office training sessions.