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Lifestyle and Wellness

Prevent disease before it happens. Feel more energetic and alert during daily life.

At Novis Health Scottsdale, we take people who have settled for mediocre health and push them to achieve goals they never thought possible. In most cases, these incredible lifestyle shifts require only a few simple habits and changes. You’ll be amazed at how your life can transform through lifestyle and wellness coaching! 

Identify Areas of Concern

Your health history can tell us a lot about what lifestyle changes will be most effective in the long run. Genetics, environmental conditions, and pre-existing conditions all have a story to tell. 

Are you predisposed to high blood pressure? Let’s stay one step ahead with targeted nutrition and exercise. 

As a Novis Health member, you’ll receive a personalized health plan that applies to you and you only. By following this plan, you can add years to your life and save money by preventing costly medical procedures in the future.

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Undercover Gaps In Nutrition

Functional medicine takes a wide-angle view of nutrition to make sure the foods you eat support proper health. Your health coach won’t just ask if you’re eating the right foods, they’ll also find out if your body is digesting that food in the right way. 

Gut health is an important piece of your overall health puzzle, and sometimes healing the gut requires detoxification and allergy testing. We will do whatever it takes to support your body’s health and wellness!

At Novis Health Scottsdale, we embrace a positive mindset toward food that doesn’t rely on guilt or shame. Good nutrition is simply about education and healthy habits.

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Make Lasting Lifestyle Changes

Once your health team has determined what treatments will promote optimal health, it’s time to incorporate your health plan into everyday life. 

The goal of every coach-member relationship is to build lasting habits that serve you well for decades. We work with you long enough for healthy choices to become second nature. After a while, healthy dinners and regular exercise will become part of your weekly routine.

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