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Optimized Health

Achieve the final 15% of your health goals with our Optimized Health program.

Going from “pretty healthy” to optimized health can be one of the hardest challenges for anyone to accomplish. Our bodies tend to plateau when it comes to body composition, metabolism, and gut health, but the Optimized Health program at Novis Health Scottsdale can help you push through to that next level.

Proactive Health Coaching

Long-term health is an everyday choice. You can’t “accomplish” health in the same way you might graduate college or purchase a new car. True health is a spectrum, and there’s always something you can do to improve your body.

If you agree with this mindset, then Optimized Health is for you.

Optimized Health helps you maintain your current health while pushing you to improve in areas of your choosing. You know the basics of wellness. Now it’s time to partner with a professionally-trained health coach to master the details. Novis Health is well-known for our health coaching services. Our team gets to the root cause of whatever is holding you back through personalized wellness plans that solve your complicated health problems.
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A Personalized Wellness Plan

Every member who walks through our doors receives a personalized wellness plan centered on their unique health needs. At Novis Health, we don’t make assumptions or put people into boxes. Instead, we conduct extensive testing and actually listen to your concerns to paint a detailed picture of your health. 

Personalized wellness plans are the backbones of Optimized Health. Someone just beginning to exercise or eat healthy might see progress from following basic guidelines. But if you’ve been working on your health for years, you need a detailed strategy that helps you address specific trouble spots. Only Novis Health can provide the expertise and encouragement you need to reach optimal health.
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Improve or maintain body composition

If you’ve ever tried lifting weights to improve body composition, you might have heard of the term “beginner gains.” This describes a phenomenon when people who are new to weightlifting tend to add more muscle and lose more fat compared to people who have been training for a long period of time. In simple terms, workouts shock a new weightlifter’s muscles much more than they shock a veteran weightlifter’s muscles. The new weightlifter’s body creates rebuilds the muscles at a faster rate, leading to accelerated body recomposition.

These beginner gains last only a year, however. This is true for any kind of athlete, not just weightlifters. The slowdown of body change can be discouraging, which is why a health coaching program like Optimized Health can help you break through mental and physical roadblocks related to body composition.

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Optimize Gut Health

The gut microbiome is made up of millions of bacteria, enzymes, and nerve endings. It’s a complicated ecosystem that needs constant attention to stay in balance. Perhaps you’ve eliminated a major food allergy through diet testing, and you’re feeling back to your normal self. That’s great! Now it’s time to continue fostering gut health. 

Why? Because an unbalanced gut can lead to many low-level and chronic symptoms you’d never associated with the digestive system. Tired? Brian fog? Trouble sleeping? Each of these symptoms can be connected to the gut.
As practitioners of functional medicine, Novis Health Scottsdale knows that the gut is the key to solving a number of health issues and chronic diseases.
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Improve Energy Levels

Millions of Americans with “normal” test results struggle with chronic low energy. They ask their doctors for advice, but they never receive a clear answer. Novis Health digs deeper to uncover hidden imbalances in otherwise healthy people. 

If you have trouble falling asleep, staying alert during the afternoon, or maintaining muscle strength, then come to Novis Health Scottsdale to see if Optimized Health coaching is right for you..

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Receive Prescription-grade Nutraceuticals

There are many problems with over-the-counter supplements you can find at your local grocery store. One, without proper knowledge, you might not be taking the supplements your body needs at any given time. Two, the human body has trouble absorbing cheap vitamins and nutrients. 

Our health team can connect you with prescription-grade nutraceuticals. You won’t be able to find these on store shelves. But as soon as you begin taking high-quality supplements full of the nutrients your body craves, you’ll be feeling healthier than you ever thought possible. 

Are you a good fit for Optimized Health coaching? Register for a complimentary health assessment, and one of our friendly staff will walk you through your options.
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It’s Time to Optimize Key Areas of Wellness

In summary, the Novis Health Scottsdale Optimized Health plan can help you maintain your current health while pushing you forward on your health journey. Members can expect to see these results over time: 

  • Improve or maintain body composition 
  • Enhanced nutrition and metabolic function 
  • Improve energy 
  • Optimize gut health 
  • Boost athletic performance 
  • Speed up recovery 
  • Gain access to prescription-grade nutraceuticals personalized to the member 

Don’t slide back into unhealthy habits and routines. Commit to moving forward with your health goals. Become a Novis Health member and discover the power of one-on-one health coaching.

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